Iowa Church and College Recovering after Flooding

Two Michigan Churches Help Their Communities after Flooding

Baptist Builders Club Luncheon to Feature New Initiatives

Restored Church Thankful for Financial Grant

Financial Grant Helps Florida Church Remodel

Latest Ministry Happenings

  • Tornado Brings Opportunity for Service

    VERONA, Wis.— Severe weather has turned into an opportunity for Memorial Baptist Church to minister to its community. About midnight on Monday, June 16, two tornadoes converged into one in Verona before splitting again and going into Madison. Around 1:00 a.m. Memorial Baptist Church informed the 911 dispatch center that it could use its building to shelter any displaced people. An ...more

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  • Flood Damages New York Church

    Flood Damages New York Church

    Just as VBS was getting started, the rains came in New York. As a result, Pines Brook Baptist Church suffered a flood and was left ...more


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Daily Devotions

  • Being Declared Clean

    Read Leviticus 14:1-20 And the priest shall offer the burnt offering and the meat offering upon the altar: and the priest shall make atonement for him, ...more