Read Judges 17 – 18

Then said Micah, Now know I that the LORD will do me good, seeing I have a Levite to my priest. Judges 17:13 KJV

By itself this verse seems good but when you read the entire chapter you realize Micah’s worship of the LORD is entangled with idolatry. In his mind he is not worshipping false gods but the true God. Unlike Micah we don’t have the problem with carved idols but we often have a problem with false ideas. We have our own ideas about God. And it is based on these personal ideas that we worship Him. That is no different than what Micah was doing. But false ideas, just like idols, will never bring us closer to God. They will only cut us off from Him. Too often we are just as loyal to our false ideas as Micah was to his false gods. The crime is Scripture is so clear concerning what God is really like. Micah had the truth available to Him but chose his own truth. False ideas in our thinking are not due to the unavailability of the true God but our refusal to accept God as He is revealed.

Lord, may I never be guilty of Micah’s error, thinking I am worshipping you when in fact I am guilty of idol worship. Help me to know you only as revealed in your Word and never as I think of you. Keep my worship pure as I maintain pure thoughts of you.