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Your donations go directly to Regular Baptist churches!

  • CALIFORNIA FIRES: Help Regular Baptist churches rebuild members’ homes destroyed by fire and help these churches minister to their communities.
  • HURRICANE IRMA: Help Regular Baptist churches in Florida repair their facilities and members’ homes and help them minister to their communities.
  • DISASTER RELIEF: Help Regular Baptist churches and their communities in the areas of greatest need after a natural disaster.
  • HELP UP: Help Regular Baptist churches rebuild their facilities damaged by a natural disaster.
  • THANK YOU: Those who have been helped through Regular Baptist Builders Club grants say thank you.

For donations to the fire and hurricane relief funds, any excess donations will be used to provide disaster relief for churches and church families in similar situations.>

California Fires

Many Northern and Southern California communities where Regular Baptist churches are located have gone up in flames in the midst of recent wildfires. Some members of Regular Baptist churches have experienced the devastating loss of their homes. For other churches and their members, the threat of loss is still imminent. Regular Baptist Builders Club is in communication with California churches and the state representative of the California Association of Regular Baptist Church to monitor the situation. For some people, insurance claims have been processed and now the financial hit has be quantified. The needs are great. Will you help?

Hurricane Relief

Regular Baptist Builders Club is assisting churches as they minister to their communities in the wake of an active hurricane season. Regular Baptist Builders Club helped mobilize resources to get these church members back on their feet and in their homes and to help them recover from the disaster. However, many needs are not realized until well after the news coverage has moved on, and the needs are still great. If your church would like to partner with Regular Baptist Builders Club in this effort, contact or donate to the Disaster Relief Fund. Excess funds, if any, will be used to help with disaster relief for churches and church members in similar situations.

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Thank You

Churches in Texas and Florida extend a genuine thank-you to all who gave during their incredible time of need.

Disaster Relief Ministry

Just as churches are not disaster proof, neither are their surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Pastors and church members have the desire to go out into the community and minister, but a barrier can exist due to lack of funds readily available in emergency situations.

It is not if a catastrophe will strike, but when. God’s people want to help and want to know the funds they are sacrificing are going where they are intended. Regular Baptist Builders Club is now acting as a hub for those that want to:

  • Give: Donate to allow churches to assist people in the name of Jesus when catastrophe strikes.
  • Go: Engage your church in providing labor and service to help affected communities. The Regular Baptist Builders Club will provide funds for materials while GARBC churches provide needed labor.
  • Pray: Become a member of Regular Baptist Builders Club and we will keep your church informed of specific needs in affected communities.