Director Clare Jewell Teaches Leadership Training in Indonesia

Ohio Churches Undamaged Following Tornadoes

Church Sees Positive Changes through Revitalization Process

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  • Regular Baptist Builders Club Board to Meet in April

    Regular Baptist Builders Club Board to Meet in April

    The Regular Baptist Builders Club board of administrators and director will meet to review applications from four GARBC churches on April 20. The grants and loans being considered are in the Build Up category, which would assist the churches in updating and expanding their buildings to accommodate their growing congregations. The board of administrators and director have the task of examining ...more

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  • Massive Flooding in Duluth, Minn.

    The associated press reported Wednesday the news of massive flooding in Duluth, Minn. We have several GARBC churches in that area. Minnesota Regular Baptist State ...more


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  • Less Than God’s Best

    Wherefore, said they, if we have found grace in thy sight, let this land be given unto thy servants for a possession, and bring us ...more

  • Incomplete Obedience

    Read Numbers 31 – 32 And Moses said unto them, have you saved all the women alive? Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the ...more