Baptism Marks Hispanic Church's Anniversary

Church Members Displaced as Wildfires Rage

Financial Gift Approved for Midland Church

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  • Regular Baptist Builders Club Giveaway Winner!

    Regular Baptist Builders Club Giveaway Winner!

    The GARBC Annual Conference in Oswego, Illinois, was a wonderful time for pastors and their wives to get their batteries recharged. Throughout the week, attendees heard encouraging messages, attended ministry-minded workshops, enjoyed Christian fellowship, and of course entered their names to win prizes in the Grand Prize Giveaway that takes place at the end of each conference. Regular Baptist Builders Club ...more

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  • God's Timing Is Perfect Timing!

    Endicott, N.Y.---West Corners Baptist Church, Endicott, N.Y, received $9,000 of emergency assistance to replace its boiler that was destroyed by severe flooding in late September. The ...more

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