Faith Baptist Church is a big ministry confined to a small space. Seeing a need to renovate its building, the church reached out to Regular Baptist Builders Club in November 2016 and submitted an application for funding. The church wanted to expand its meeting area and provide easier access for senior citizens and people with physical challenges.

At their meeting in November, the board of administrators decided to give the church a $20,000 grant/loan combination. Pastor Josh Martin kept the grant and the loan a secret until he shared the news with the congregation during the church’s Christmas service. The financial help is a huge blessing to the church, he says.

Wanting his church to know more about Regular Baptist Builders Club, Martin invited Director Michael Nolan to speak with the staff and congregation. Nolan, author of The Business Side of Ministry, first consulted with the leadership team at a Saturday evening meeting. He talked with the team about best church practices, how to accomplish the church’s fund-raising goal, and objectives of the building project. On Sunday, he told the congregation about Regular Baptist Builders Club, as well as the other ministries of the GARBC, during Sunday School. Then in the worship service he shared a message from God’s Word.

If your church would like Nolan to present Regular Baptist Builders Club to its congregation or staff or would like consultation on financial or building matters, contact