Fairfield_inlineThe Regular Baptist Builders Club board of administrators, along with Director Michael Nolan, met in April to discuss the needs of four churches that submitted applications for Build Up assistance. The following churches will receive grants toward their projects.

  • First Baptist Church, Niles, Ohio, will update and expand its aging building.
  • Fellowship Baptist Church, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, will purchase new chairs, update its facility, and add classroom space.
  • Victory Lighthouse Baptist Church, Trumann, Arkansas, will make greatly needed exterior and interior repairs.
  • Bridgewater Baptist Church, Montrose, Pennsylvania, will update and repair its campus in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.

The amount of grant assistance totaled $60,000. These funds are made possible by Regular Baptist churches and individuals who provide monthly support. To be part of a ministry that initiates action and regrowth in Regular Baptist churches, become a member of the team today! By joining, you will receive Regular Baptist Builders Club’s newsletter, which in future issues will include details and photos of these churches’ projects.