Budgeting4_thumbYour church may operate its fiscal year as the calendar year. If so, you probably will create your 2015 budget over the next few weeks. Here is a tip.

The first drafts of most budgets end with a negative bottom line. Getting rid of it can be difficult. Most think, “Cut, cut, cut.” But maybe the first thought should be how to increase revenue. That is often more enjoyable to do and doesn’t negatively affect any ministry. Consider these four ideas for raising revenue:

  • Match budget items to passion. Ask people who are passionate about certain areas to pray for those areas. Keep them informed if the revenue falls short in those areas. They will likely lead in getting the budget back to balanced. Think of other ways to increase offerings.
  • Consider generating rental income. Renting your facilities is not illegal, but you may have to pay a little tax on the income.
  • Create a special project. A campaign for raising funds works with the right group and the right objectives outlined.
  • Encourage members to give noncash items. Members may have items they can donate to the church, like old cars, mobile devices, or unused gift cards.

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