And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, command the children of Israel, and say unto them, when ye come into the land of Canaan; (this is the land that shall fall unto you for an inheritance, even the land of Canaan with the coasts thereof). Numbers 34:1-2 KJV

Chapter 34 turns our attention to the outlying borders of the land which God was giving to Israel as their inheritance, and the representatives of each tribe who would be used in the actual dividing of the land among the tribes. There are a number of things worth noting. (1) God sets the limits. The children of Israel never decided what the borders would be, God made that decision even before any of them had seen it. (2) The allotment of land would be different for each tribe as determined by God. (3) Although God set the boundaries, He used representatives from each tribe in the division of the land. The tribes were given the privilege of claiming their inheritance. (4) Two and a half tribes did not receive an allotment in the Land of Promise; they were allowed to remain on the other side of the Jordan. They had settled for something less than God’s best for their families.

Lord, certainly you have set the boundaries of my life as well. My goal is not to create my own boundaries, or to envy what you have given others, but to claim and use all, which in your wisdom, you have given me.