And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground. I Samuel 3:19 KJV

If you shoot a bullet through the air it eventually falls if it does not strike something. I have sensed a similar thing when I have shared God’s Word with people who really did not want to hear it. Because it was not received it was as if the Word fell to the ground; they did not respond to it and did not seem to be affected by it. As a young man, Samuel did not let God’s Word fall to the ground: he received it and used it in his life. Because he used it, God’s Word was not wasted on him; it did not fall to the ground. As a result, he matured, and his reputation as a godly young man spread. From one end of Israel to the other people were saying young Samuel would be a prophet of the Lord. What happens when God’s Word comes your way? Do you refuse it or do you receive it into your life? We need more people young and old who will not let God’s Word fall to the ground.

Lord, even today we allow too much of your Word to be wasted. It sets in our homes unused. We hear it spoken at church and leave unchanged. I know this is true of me. Help me be less wasteful of your Word that it might have your intended affect in my life.