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Your donations go directly to Regular Baptist churches!

  • DISASTER RELIEF: Help Regular Baptist churches and their communities in the areas of greatest need after a natural disaster.
  • CAMP FIRE CALIFORNIA: Help Calvary Baptist Church in Paradise, CA, that had their church building and several members’ homes destroyed by fire.
  • IOWA FLOODING: Help Ankeny Baptist Church repair their facilities after a flood that also affected 32 church family’s homes.
  • HELP UP: Help Regular Baptist churches rebuild their facilities damaged by a natural disaster.
  • THANK YOU: Those who have been helped through Regular Baptist Builders Club grants say thank you.

For donations to the fire and flood relief funds, any excess donations will be used to provide disaster relief for churches and church families in similar situations.

Disaster Relief Ministry

Just as churches are not disaster proof, neither are their surrounding neighborhoods and communities. Pastors and church members have the desire to go out into the community and minister, but a barrier can exist due to lack of funds readily available in emergency situations.

It is not if a catastrophe will strike, but when. God’s people want to help and want to know the funds they are sacrificing are going where they are intended. Regular Baptist Builders Club is now acting as a hub for those that want to:

  • Give: Donate to allow churches to assist people in the name of Jesus when catastrophe strikes.
  • Go: Engage your church in providing labor and service to help affected communities. The Regular Baptist Builders Club will provide funds for materials while GARBC churches provide needed labor.
  • Pray: Become a member of Regular Baptist Builders Club and we will keep your church informed of specific needs in affected communities.

California Camp Fire

Calvary Baptist Church and 90% of the community of Paradise, CA, were destroyed in the quick moving Camp Fire. Please help this church as it seeks to rebuild and ministers to its community. The church will also help provide financial relief to members whose homes may not be completely covered with insurance. Excess funds, if any, will be used to help with disaster relief for churches in similar situations.

Flooding Relief

Ankeny Baptist Church in Ankeny, IA, was hit three weeks ago by a storm that dropped more than 10 inches of rain in three hours. The rain flooded the vents and duct work in the church basement and will have to be replaced. Thirty-two families in the church had minimal to major damage, including the home of Pastor David Strope. One family alone had more than $9,000 in damages. The Regular Baptist Builders Club is providing a grant of $20,000 to Ankeny Baptist to provide relief, but that won’t cover the estimated repairs to the church and church families Won’t you please give to support this church and its people? If your church would like to partner with Regular Baptist Builders Club in this effort, donate to the Disaster Relief Fund. Excess funds, if any, will be used to help with disaster relief for churches in similar situations.


Thank You

Thank you for your generosity to this ministry. Pastor David Strope of Ankeny Baptist Church expresses his sincere thanks to the Regular Baptist Builders Club for the financial assistance to his church and the church families that were affected by the recent flooding. Won’t you please give generously to the ongoing financial repair needs of this church and it’s families?


Watch this video below to see how your gifts ministered to people whose homes were flooded in a hurricane or destroyed by wildfires last fall in Humble, Texas, and Sebring, Florida, and northern California.