HUMBLE, Texas—Teens and adults from two Colorado churches are rebuilding interior walls in two homes that had flooded in Humble, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey. Faith Baptist Church of Fowler and Rustic Hills Baptist of Colorado Springs are hanging drywall, mudding, taping, and rewiring electrical as part of a joint missions trip to help members of Berean Baptist Church rebuild their homes. The groups are sleeping on the floor of  Berean Baptist. Its structure survived the hurricane unscathed, but four church members’ homes were severely damaged.

Pastor Stephen Anderson of Faith Baptist and Pastor Stan Lightfoot of Rustic Hills Baptist contacted each other when they heard about the displaced homeowners. Anderson says, “We desired an opportunity to serve others. Our church was the recipient of a grant from Regular Baptist Builders Club about seven years ago. We understand the resounding theme in the GARBC of churches helping other churches. We are grateful for the efforts that have been made by our association for funds to be made available for these homes where otherwise there wouldn’t be any reconstruction, and these folks would be displaced for weeks and months longer. By the efforts of those at the Regular Baptist Builders Club and churches around the country, we are encouraging and edifying these folks, and we ourselves are being encouraged by what God’s doing here.”

Regular Baptist Builders Club’s board of administrators approved a gift of $20,000 from the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief fund to go to Berean Baptist Church, which  purchased building materials to help repair two homes of church members. James and Sandra Wolbreuch and Bill and Reba Watson, who live across the street from one another, had five to seven feet of water in their homes. The two couples are grateful for the work the crew is doing this week. Sandra Wolbreuch says, “The teens are such a blessing and a joy to have around, and they are such hard workers. Pastor Anderson is doing such a good job of giving good instructions to the teens and being caring and compassionate with them.” Pastor Albert Armitage of Berean Baptist says the support that his church has received has made a positive impact on the congregation. “They see that believers from around the United States can come together to help each one.”

Thirteen-year-old Rebecca Baldwin of Fowler is the youngest member of the work crew. She finished her homework a week early so she could make the trip. “I saw the flooding on the news and I wanted to come down here. It’s been a great experience. I have learned so much. I’ve never built houses or done any drywall or insulation or anything like this, and now I know how.”

The work crews plan to stay through the week to finish this phase of the rebuilding, but plenty of work remains after they leave. Pastor Armitage says both houses are going to need trim work, doors hung, and many windows replaced. The homes will also need to be painted and to have flooring and appliances installed.

The work crew consists of Andy and Aaron Mayer and Jackson and Bethany Agee from Rustic Hills Baptist Church. Truman Bradshaw, Fred Nitz, Rebecca Baldwin, Lee Davis, Brody Tate, Pastor Stephen Anderson, Ashton Bradshaw, and Eli Muth come from Faith Baptist Church.

Andy Mayer, who has done handyman work in the past, says, “When I thought about coming down here to help them, I couldn’t get it out of my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to be able to fulfill a need and to fix up a home.”

Reba Watson expressed her appreciation for workers who would give up their time to help complete strangers. “They have given up a whole week of their life to come help us get our house back together, and they had never seen us before and didn’t even know us. Yet they were being unselfish and we appreciate it very much. I know God will bless them.”