flooding1_inlineGARBC churches in northern Iowa experienced flooding over the past few days, and some portions of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have been evacuated. Calls were made to all GARBC churches in the affected areas. Though some churches took on water, the flooding was not severe or widespread. The pastors report that one to two inches of floodwater came in, creating a mess and doing moderate damage, but wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle. People from their churches are jumping in to help clean up, they say. For a list of churches affected, see the Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches’ updates and reports on the flooding.

A Regular Baptist Builders Club Disaster Relief Team in Emmetsburg, Iowa, is standing ready to help any GARBC church that needs assistance. Do not hesitate to contact Regular Baptist Builders Club if a GARBC church is in need of help. If you would like to assist in future disaster relief efforts, join the team or make a contribution today.