One thing I love about being the director of the Baptist Builders Club is getting mail. Yes, I said mail, but I am not talking about magazines, bills, or solicitations. I’m talking about mail from Baptist Builders Club supporters.

I am so blessed through letters I receive. The most recent one came from Brother Peterson of Omaha, Nebraska. Something he said in his letter put your part in Baptist Builders Club in a great perspective. “We are limited in what we can do,” he wrote, “but even a little from many amounts to a lot.” Think about that for a minute.

“A little from many amounts to a lot.” That is so true. Whether you are talking about prayers or money, a little amount multiplied by many givers makes a lot, and it all makes a difference. Such giving can make a difference in the health and future of a church that is struggling or a church that is just beginning.

Prayerfully consider letting God use you to support the ministry of BBC. And keep the letters coming. I would love to be able to share with others what BBC means to you.

MNolanHeadshotIn Christ’s Service,

Michael Nolan, Director