Helping churches make disciples is our passion. Because of you, we assist in preparing future ministry leaders and provide grants for new and growing churches. Your donations support disciple making! Thank you for your generosity through the years. On this Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to the Regular Baptist Builders Club. You can give to the area of “greatest need” or give to the following “Train-Up” project.

A strong association for the future means cultivating, training, and developing strong leaders now. Regular Baptist Builders Club is committed to developing strong leaders through a leadership residency program. RB Builders Club invests in cultivating future ministry leaders by providing practical hands-on ministry training as candidates are mentored in healthy churches. The leadership residency program equips men to plant churches and revive struggling churches. Donate to “RBBC-Train Up-mentoring & equipping” and be a part of strengthening churches in our association.