Ashby_inlineFORT ASHBY, W. Va.On March 14, an arson fire engulfed Berean Independent Baptist Church. Today only a concrete footprint remains where the building once stood. Its members, however, are standing strong and still being the hands and feet in their community.

Regularly scheduled services are taking place in a separate building on the property. The church counts it a blessing to have this space.

In preparations to soon rebuild, the church has reached out to missionary builders with Continental Baptist Missions. Deacon Larry Deitz has taken the lead in organizing, obtaining permits, and leading the church through the building project. In a recent visit to the church, Michael Nolan, director of Regular Baptist Builders Club, talked with Pastor Richard Riley and Deitz to encourage them and let them know that Regular Baptist Builders Club is standing with them ready to help as needed. If you would like to help, donate today!