Our church burning down was not exactly what I expected God to do. I had been crying out to God to move among His people. Our church services were good; the music and preaching were stirring the hearts of the people; but I sensed something was still missing. The Holy Spirit lay upon my heart to study the book of Acts. My heart began to overflow with excitement once again for God’s Word. The passion for God began to burn again in my heart. This passion turned into praise, and my heart was set on fire once again for God.

My wife, Barb, and I were praying and studying God’s Word daily. It wasn’t just devotions. We were not leaving God’s presence until God would speak to us through the Word, until we heard from Him. We wanted the book of Acts to come alive. The routine of daily Christian life was not enough. Something was missing; we both desired what the book of Acts describes as the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is the power to witness for Jesus Christ and the wonderful works of God. Now witnessing was an important part of our lives, but there were times I relied on my power and not God’s.

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