The Regular Baptist Builders Club board of administrators has awarded a $20,000 Help Up grant to Ankeny (Iowa) Baptist Church to help the church and its members recover from flood damage.

On June 30, the central Iowa community received more than 10 inches of monsoon-like rain in four hours. The storm flooded the church basement and the homes of at least 30 church members. Members reported anywhere from minor to major flood damage to floors, carpet, drywall, and possessions. Some church members had one to two inches of storm water in their basements, while others had three to four feet of water and major structural damage. One of the most affected homes had more than $9,000 worth of damage. Several church members living in nearby apartments at Faith Baptist Bible College have been displaced, as their flooded apartments are in the process of being reconstructed.

At Ankeny Baptist Church, the fellowship hall was significantly affected by floodwaters that filled the HVAC ducts buried in the basement floor. “Two weeks of constant pumping finally removed all the water that was spraying out of the vents when we turned the air on,” says Pastor David Strope. Contractors have determined that the ductwork needs be replaced, and the church is collecting estimates.

Strope says it has been a joy to see his church family minister to one another to meet the varied needs that the flooding created. He says, “We as a church could be described as mature, one that is most often on the giving end of ministry, supplying finances and ministry care for those within our church and to those beyond our church family. To be on the receiving end of ministry is a reminder of our constant need for God’s grace in gospel ministry. We are both flabbergasted and rejoicing in the generous grant from the Regular Baptist Builders Club. Know of our appreciation and deepened love for our fellowship of churches.”

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