fallen-treeHurricane Wilma came on Monday, October 24, 2005 during the day. The wind began to scream from the southeast, gusting to almost 100 mph at times. Then the eye of the storm passed over, and the much stronger winds began to blow from the west-northwest. Pastor Snyder of Broadview Baptist Church got a call from the neighbor that lived across from the church saying, “I’m watching your roof blow off of the church! There it goes!”

Later that same afternoon after the storm had passed, Pastor Snyder and the church family gathered to clean up the best they could and try to stop any further damage.

Pastor Snynder then got a call from Baptist Builders Club and the question was asked if they needed some funds to start putting things back together. They were ensured that this ministry of the GARB would stand with them and see what else could be done.

Some time later, Broadview got another call from one of their missionaries from Baptist Mid-Missions who also offered financial assistance to help the church rebuild and also echoed a statement Pastor Snyder had heard before, “You are not alone, we will stand with you.”

Since that time, the damaged roof has been replaced, classrooms rebuilt, the foyer has been rebuilt, and they are in the process of getting the auditorium water damage repaired. It has all been without debt, with God’s provisioning through His people and agencies like Baptist Builder’s Club and Baptist Mid-Missions. A storm like this could have forced Broadview Baptist to close its doors forever. Instead, God provided Broadview Baptist with restored facilities. God also added a benefit; a confirmation God still wants Broadview Baptist Church to continue ministry in this area. Truly, together we can do more. To God be glory for the great things He has done. Thank you, Lord.