Baptist Builders Club is not a large federal agency with billions of dollars pouring in from around the country. And while our ministry can grant only a fraction of the dollars our government is giving in federal aid, BBC–USA’s impact is far more valuable, because our dollars are helping local churches who are, in turn, reaching out and helping their local communities.

After Superstorm Sandy, many families in the communities of several of our sister churches were left with no help from anyone. The pastors and people of those churches knew they needed to help, and they did. Many might consider their efforts small, but those who needed it most were prayed for, ministered to, and encouraged by God’s people at a tough time.

Pastor Christopher Hall of Commack, N.Y., wrote a note of thanks to share with those who prayed and financially assisted his church and community by sending money for BBC–USA’s Help Up fund.

Dear Baptist Builders Club,

On behalf of the Bethel Baptist Church, Commack, New York, we want to humbly thank you for the disaster funds you made available to us. We were able to purchase items which not only helped us through this difficult time but opened doors for ministry in our community. The chainsaw and other hand tools enabled us to work with our neighbors as we helped each other begin the clean up process. The generator and heaters also were used to give light and heat to those who had nothing and there was no one else to come to their aid. We were without power for two weeks, no phone or cell service for 90% of that time. Our church people all suffered about the same, our church was undamaged. The only major problem we experienced was the boiler died in the parsonage. Because of it being shut off for two weeks, it let go and began to leak in several places. We are praising the Lord for His goodness and protection.

Thanks again!

Pastor Christopher Hall