NAMPA, Idaho—Involve Church was privileged to recently baptize one of its members, Brad Johnson. Involve Church is a church plant that has received Start Up grants from Regular Baptist Builders Club. Through Involve Church, Brad has professed Christ as Savior and is living for Him.

When Brad was very young, his mother took him to a Methodist church, and then when he was 8 years old his father decided Brad needed to be raised as a Mormon. At 14 he walked away from God completely. “I stayed on a path of destruction until I was about 31 years old,” Brad says.

“When you spend a large part of your life exposed to bad things, it takes a long time to get that out of your life. The Lord has looked out for me my entire life, whether I realized it or not. He coaxed me along and guided me and kept me on the path despite myself. I’m very thankful for that.” By being baptized, he says, “I’ll declare my faith in Christ wholeheartedly.”

Brad’s wife was Buddhist when they married. He introduced her to faith in Jesus, and she has embraced Christ completely. “I do love Christ, and I know God exists and nothing would be here without God’s hand in it,” Brad says.

Clare Jewell, director of Regular Baptist Builders Club, says, “People like Brad are why I love what I do. It is a great privilege to connect the resources of Regular Baptist Builders Club, which donors give, to ministries like Involve Church, who use those resources to reach people like Brad. It is a team effort, and you, as donors, are a key partner in the process.”