BBCincrease2_inlineIn 1995, the Baptist Builders Club board of administrators agreed to increase the amount a GARBC church could request for a grant or interest-free loan. Back then the amount was increased to $15,000. Since that time, inflation has increased, but the amount of financial assistance a church could request has not.

In their spring 2014 meeting, the administrators prayerfully considered churches’ needs and the increase in costs to complete building projects. The same $15,000 from 1995 requires approximately $23,000 in 2014. While a grant or interest-free loan from Baptist Builders Club typically will not pay for a church’s entire project, it greatly assists the church.

Baptist Builders Club is pleased to announce that the board of administrators approved an increase of the grant maximum up to $20,000 per request for mission churches, existing churches that are growing, and churches that need building repairs after a catastrophic event. This announcement follows a decision in 2011 to increase the grant/loan possibilities for church plants to a three-year program, totaling over $55,000 in finances and services provided by the ministry.