BBC_inlineBaptist Builders Club’s board of administrators is happy to announce the results of their spring board meeting. The men met to review applications for three churches—one in Michigan and two in California. After praying for each church, the men evaluated each one’s needs and came to the following decisions:

  • Restored Church, A Baptist Church, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania: $7,000 grant to assist with building renovations during year three of church planting
  • Thousand Oaks Baptist Church, Thousand Oaks, California: $2,500 grant to assist with renovation after water damage and mold
  • First Baptist Church, Bear Lake, Michigan: $15,000 grant and $5,000 interest-free loan to assist with construction of a new building
  • Westwood Baptist Church, Fresno, California: $5,000 grant and $5,000 interest-free loan to assist with purchase and installation of energy-efficient solar panels

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