Baptist Builders Club has a burden to see new churches started across America! Churches that are committed to showing Christ’s love while holding true to God’s Word are hard to find. Many have disappeared from the communities around the United States, leaving a spiritual void.

Show you have a heart for these communities and the new churches starting up. Lend your support by donating today.

The Baptist Builders Club Start-Up ministry exists to help those who are excited about planting churches in the following ways:

Prepare—Year 1

  • $5,000 check for postcard/blitz advertising and for assistance with church’s temporary rental location (year 1 only)
  • Website design
  • Brochure design and printing costs
  • Boot-camp training for “things to come,” in cooperation with agencies, to ensure the planter is prepared
  • Baptist Bulletin spotlight on the church plant
  • Chaplaincy work in the community in conjunction with Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, led by Regular Baptist Ministries

Launch—Year 2

Grow—Year 3

  • $10,000 check for land/building costs (presented at the GARBC Conference)
  • Builders and people to help (coordinated among missionary builders through BBC–USA)
  • Baptist Bulletin spotlight on the church plant (update)
  • Follow-up strategic planning and financial planning assistance
  • Organizing established churches to help with equipment and furnishings

Over $55,000 in total support and services could be available.

Please join us in this important initiative!

Donate online or contact Kristen at to become a BBC–USA member.