Endicott, N.Y.—September flooding did more than $30,000 worth of damages to West Corners Baptist Church. The floodwaters destroyed paneling, outlets, appliances, flooring, doors, cabinets, tables, Sunday School supplies, a water heater, and the church’s boiler.

The church has no flood insurance and FEMA cannot help, leaving West Corners Baptist looking for alternate ways to pay for the cleanup and repairs. Currently—with no working restrooms or furnace—the church is unable to hold official services.

Church members, their friends, and their families are donating all they can, and notices of the financial need have been put on social-media outlets. Holding community fund-raisers is not a practical option, since most of the region was affected by the same flood. Even the relief organizations that usually offer help were affected. Pastor David Cook says, “Nothing is normal. We’re praying much and trying to think outside the box.”

He says, “The Lord is making a number of things fall into place,” citing $1,000 the church has raised; the competent, licensed individuals the Lord has provided to do the repairs; and the local business that has offered appliances at discount prices.

Michael Nolan, Baptist Builders Club director, contacted Pastor Cook to determine how BBC–USA can assist the church. Learning that the most crucial repairs are the boiler and the water heater, Nolan called the BBC–USA administrators and reviewed the need with them. They agreed to give the church a $9,000 grant.

On Oct. 6, Nolan called Pastor Cook to tell him the good news. Nolan says, “It is always an emotional moment for me to call a pastor like that and to hear the thankfulness and sigh of relief on the other end of the phone line. What an awesome moment it is to realize that fellow brothers, sisters, and churches around the United States care about one another and are ready to help because of their connection through Christ!”

Baptist Builders Club’s most recent call letter was sent out as an emergency call for help. If you would like to help churches like West Corners Baptist click here.