Cresaptown, Md.—On June 12, Cresaptown got five inches of rain within two hours. While that type of rain could cause problems for almost anyone, Calvary Baptist Church sits beside a creek that flows into the Potomac River, which can flood with even moderate rains.

parking lotMichael Nolan, director of Baptist Builders Club, spoke to Pastor Bruce McBride the next day. Pastor McBride reported that the sanctuary is high enough that the waters could not reach it but that the lower-level classrooms are covered in mud and will need major cleanup, new carpet, and so forth. The parking lot is severely damaged as well (see photograph).

Two vans of inmates from a nearby correctional facility worked alongside local firefighters in clearing away debris. Members of Calvary Baptist and Calvary Christian Academy joined in the initial cleanup.

Pastor McBride said it will take a couple of weeks to assess the damage, talk with the insurance agent, and get estimates. He already knows, however, that the flood insurance will cover only about $10,000 in damages and that the parking lot alone sustained more damage than that. Church members and others are pitching in to help.

Pastor McBride asked for each member of fellowshipping GARBC churches to be in prayer for Calvary Baptist as the people clean up, assess damage, and minister in their community.

Calvary Baptist will need additional financial help. Baptist Builders Club will provide assistance to HELP UP so the church can get back to normalcy as quickly as possible.

If you or your church would like to help this fellowshipping church, you can donate online through Baptist Builders Club.