Over the past few days I, along with many staff, have been contacting state representatives and pastors located in the Northeast and other areas along the East Coast in the path of Hurricane Sandy. We have been in constant communication and have heard a few reports of need at this time. In the coming days we anticipate hearing from more churches that need assistance.

Often the easiest way to help them is by providing financial assistance so they can purchase exactly what they need instead of trying to send things in. We are also asking if teams can come in to help; right now it appears that most are trying to keep outsiders away to avoid congestion.

Here is how you can help as individuals, an organization, or a church:

–      One church in New York is going to need assistance with rent. They were renting a building that is now a total loss, forcing them to scramble and find another meeting space. The church had a very good situation regarding rent. Now, because of the area they are in, the church will face higher monthly expenses. They are a small, young church plant and do not have funds for the increased expenses.

–      Another church in New York has downed trees on their property and in their neighborhood, and they are still without power. They need several generators and chainsaws so they can do cleanup for this weekend and to help their neighbors.

–      A New Jersey church has reported that everything is okay with the church but that their community is devastated. They have asked for assistance in helping to reach out to their neighbors and have provided a list of needed supplies, but BBC–USA is attempting to help them with finances so they can buy the specific supplies needed for their community. Those needs may change from day to day, resulting in other expenses.

We will continue to check up on churches daily as possible.

If you would like to donate to these churches, please do so by giving to the Baptist Builders Club Emergency Fund. Your gifts will go directly to the churches in need at this time and to any that have needs in the future.

We are very thankful to God that as of right now only a few of our churches seem to have needs related to Sandy. We are also thankful for your desire to serve and assist a sister church and the community the church is reaching out to.

Your brother in the battle,
Michael Nolan