Water_inlineThe water pollution problem that is at the forefront of news media is no surprise to GARBC churches in Flint, Michigan. Pastor Cory Snyder of Riverdale Baptist Church in Flint says this problem has been ongoing for the past two years. He is pleased with the media attention the water issue is getting and is glad that actions are taking place to help the community.

Members of the National Guard are on site, Snyder says, handing out free bottled water and water filters for faucets. But he wonders what will happen in a few months when the filters need new cartridges. They are expensive, he says, and some cannot afford to purchase them.

Two other pastors in Flint, John Scally of Emmanuel Baptist Church and Scott Snyder of South Baptist Church, have been actively collecting water, acting as a storage facility, and distributing the water as best they can. Both pastors are promoting the collection of water to their congregations and have been working with community service organizations to assist with the problem.

Scally relates how huge the problem is and how small the two churches’ efforts seem at times, but he knows even the small things they are doing are ministering to the community and showing the love of Christ.

None of these churches’ buildings have been directly affected by the water issue, since they are on a different water supply. But church members have been affected, and one of the churches has an inner-city bus ministry that picks up 30 to 40 children whose homes are supplied only with the polluted water.

Regular Baptist Builders Club is partnering with these churches to assist them in serving and ministering to their communities. We would like to raise money to buy water faucet filtration systems and one year’s worth of filter cartridges for 500 families. It will take $75 to fully support one family for one year, giving them access to filtered water. The goal is $37,500.

If you would like to help, please donate today! All donations will go directly to these churches to purchase water, filters, and replacement cartridges.

Regular Baptist Builders Club is the GARBC fellowship in action, and together, we need to act now!