BBC_Board_inlineThe Baptist Builders Club board of administrators met on Nov. 19 to consider grant applications from churches. The board not only made decisions to give financial assistance, but discussed the possibility of coordinating teams to provide skilled and unskilled labor to help accomplish the projects that two applicants have planned.

Just a few short months ago, Detroit, Mich., and many of its surrounding suburbs experienced excessive flooding. Hazel Park, where Tabernacle Baptist Church is located, was hit hard. Floodwaters filled the drainage system and rushed into the church, damaging its entire lower level. While the church went to work with its own financial resources and utilized its limited insurance, it still needed finances and labor to get its Sunday School classrooms downstairs back to full functionality. The church just needed a little assistance.

The BBC–USA board of administrators considered Tabernacle Baptist’s application, reviewed all the damages, and granted the church $8,700 in funds towards materials and decided to help coordinate volunteer teams to help with the project. Director Michael Nolan made the call to Pastor Richard Yokel and shared the news. Pastor Yokel was overwhelmed by the news, saying what a blessing it was. There are so many things to be thankful for, Yokel said, but to be part of a great fellowship that would provide financial assistance for materials and having brothers and sisters who wanted to come and help with the labor was a special blessing.

Three years ago, Restored Church began in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. The church submitted an application for a BBC–USA Start Up grant and was approved. Each year of the three-year Start Up program, the board evaluates the church to see how it is progressing and assesses any needs that would require help from Baptist Builders Club. Restored Church has been given the gift of a building and needs support to build a section for its children’s ministry. The board reviewed and approved this need. Nolan was pleased to call Pastor Dan Nichols and share the great news that the church would receive a grant for $7,000 toward the construction and an additional $3,000 worth of strategic and financial planning assistance, Regular Baptist Press teaching materials, leadership and teacher training, and travel assistance to attend the GARBC Annual Conference in 2015.

The Baptist Builders Club board of administrators prayerfully considers each request and is thankful for each person who supports the ministry, whether financially or with prayer. To help churches, sign up today to become a member.