RBBC1_inlineOn Nov. 18, the Baptist Builders Club board of directors met to prayerfully consider and discuss four church applications—one church plant in the Start Up category and three existing churches in the Build Up category.

Each board member strives to make godly decisions, and there is much prayer and discussion involved, because the men never want to say no to a church. They realize the need to be good stewards with what God has given to invest in and help strengthen Regular Baptist churches across the U.S.A. The board agreed to give funds to the following churches:

Build Up

First Baptist Church of Castle Creek, Castle Creek, N.Y.—$10,000
This church has a new pastor who is there to help revitalize and transition the church. It needed assistance in replacing the fuel tank to make the building more energy efficient and save on monthly heating bills. With a revitalization plan in place and people visiting and returning, First Baptist of Castle Creek has a bright future.

Desert Hills Baptist Church, Buckeye, Ariz.—$20,000
This church started out in an elementary school eight years ago. It received a grant soon after to aid in the Start Up phase. Now it is in the Build Up phase and is trying to secure a facility of its own.

Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, Ill.—Up to $5,000
This church is in the process of finding new pastoral leadership and reached out for help with some needs. The board believed that finding new leadership and assisting with strategic and financial planning are most critical at this time.

Start Up

Two Rivers Baptist Church, Rice, Minn.—$5,000
This grant is for Year 1 of church planting, as well as assistance with website development, brochure design, postcard blitz, boot camp training, and a spotlight in the Baptist Bulletin. The church will undergo review for the next two years to receive additional assistance as it grows.