To help grow healthy churches, the Regular Baptist Builders Club board of administrators has approved three grants and a new initiative called Lift Up.

Designed to assist churches that have plateaued or declined, Lift Up grants churches up to $10,000 to go through a revitalization process. Churches can choose a consulting firm from those vetted by Regular Baptist Builders Club and select a program that is mutually acceptable. If the board of administrators approves a Lift Up application, Regular Baptist Builders Club will pay 50 percent of the grant at midpoint in the program and the balance at the end if the terms have been met.

In its review of grant applications, the board of administrators approved a $10,000 first-year Start Up grant for Branch Life Church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The church is being planted with help from a sister church, East Brandywine Baptist Church in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. In addition to Branch Life Church, Montrose (Michigan) Baptist Church received a $20,000 Build Up grant for numerous updates, including repairing the church’s entryway and hallway and painting the walls and ceiling. The board also approved a $10,000 Build Up grant and a $10,000 loan for Emmanuel Baptist Church in Clarksburg, West Virginia, for upgrading its roof, restrooms, auditorium, and hallways.

In other action, Regular Baptist Builders Club announces a new residency program called Train Up. This grant program will help underwrite the costs of hub, or host, churches that have been designated to train and equip future GARBC church planters. Clare Jewell, director of Regular Baptist Builders Club, says, “Through partnering with churches to provide a quality residency experience, we are able to equip young leaders for planting churches and for assisting in revitalization.”