ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill.—Regular Baptist Builders Club approved a third year $10,000 Start Up grant for Branch Life Church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, during its spring meeting this month. The board is also considering a Build Up grant for a church looking to improve its facilities for a growing Hispanic ministry.

Director Clare Jewell and the board are aggressively pursuing a strategic planning strategy and building on work from their fall 2019 meeting. They are also considering assessment tools for church leaders and congregations that will provide a clearer picture of the health of the church and enhance recommendations on how Regular Baptist Builders Club can partner with churches. Such tools and partnerships should lead to a greater emphasis on church reproduction and revitalization. The board plans to meet again this month to evaluate these assessment tools and work on additional fundraising strategies related to legacy giving.

Please pray for the board members as they seek to wisely use the funds that have been given and to position the ministry for future effectiveness.